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How To Score Each Nomination

Scoring a nomination is simple and you can do this at a time most suitable for you. First read through the nomination content. Then select a score from the drop-down menu at the bottom. It should take you no more than 5 minutes to read through and score most nominations. You may "save page and continue" your scoring later or "exit" and end the scoring anytime.  

Here are the meanings of the scores on the drop-down menu:

10 - Excellent, in your experience.

9 - Very Good: among the top 10%, in your experience.

8 - Good: among the top 20%, in your experience.

- Above average: among the top 30%, in your experience.

- Average: among the top 40-50%, in your experience.

- Ordinary: just like any other, in your experience.

- Below average: among the lowest 40%, in your experience.

- Poor: among the lowest 30%, in your experience.

- Poorest: among the lowest 20%, in your experience.

- Avoid: avoid, in your experience.

- because you or your company are in some way involved with this nomination.

- if you believe this nomination is not suitable for this category.

If you score any nomination below 7 then please write in the Judges Comments box why you have rated that particular nomination below 7. For all scores of 7 or above, it is not necessary to write comments in the Judges Comments box.

Questions/Comments - send email to help [@] ceoworldawards [dot] com