Amit Jambusaria

Amit Jambusaria helping as an industry expert

Senior Engineering Manager | Wayfair | Boston, Massachusetts, United States

I serve as Sr. Engineering Manager at Wayfair. My contributions are at the center of Wayfair’s technology foot-print. I have led multiple front-end engineering teams towards building and optimizing’s Homepage and Brand pages (more than 15,000 pages) for desktop and mobile, across all geo-locations (Canada, Germany and UK) and all stores –,,, and

Wayfair’s Homepage and Brand pages serve more than 20 million visitors weekly and account for a substantial portion of Wayfair’s revenue. Additionally, I am directly responsible for launching the Projecthub platform which is relied upon by the entire Wayfair organization with more than 10,000 users. I am reshaping engineering and product development at Wayfair thus generating significant value add in terms of efficiency improvements and cost savings to the company.

I am also very passionate about building web applications during my free time and have co-founded


I would love to chat more and explore the prospect of becoming a judge.